Made for Each Other

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Made for Each Other

Made for Each Other

Made for Each Other
Made for Each Other

Is it not really,

A burning raw desire

Binding together our souls

Rather than the innocent love

Your eyes quarreled

With my smiling desire

Dripping with pure love!

The moon gazed amusingly

Breaking into a loving answer

“Love and desire

Are but two wings

Of a divine bird-song

Breathing life

Into lyrics of love

To the throbbing

Rhythm of a dancing desire!”

“Your virgin love

Was born into

The womb of your desire

Even as the fountain of

Your desire had her

Source hidden

In tears of your love!”

As a lone tear

Quarreling In the distant

Corner of your eye

Stood speechless

At the moon-lit discourse

Lips of my desire

Kissed your tear

Into a flower of love,

Consummating the wedding

Between Love and Desire

As the God’s own couple

© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.

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