Midas touch

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Midas touch

Midas touch

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Midas touch
Midas touch

You marvel at the..

Source of lyrical gems..

Painted by the breath of my soul..

… On the crystal clear canvass

Of your golden smile!

Ask that magic smile..

Whose Midas touch it was..

Which sowed the gems of

Those lyrical dreams..

In the barren soil of my soul!

Tears of my soul..

Struggle to weave into..

A chain of pearls..

To adorn your throbbing bosom,

But suddenly they turn into..

A garland of smiling flowers..

Binding our hearts together..

Into a colorful embrace!

Your lips secretly smile..

At the poetic justice..

Ask those smiling lips..

Whose colorful prank it was..

And who kissed..

The tearful notes of my passion..

Into dancing colors of..

A musical fountain!

© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.

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