Mock-fight With Cupid

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Mock-fight With Cupid

Mock-fight With Cupid

Mock-fight With Cupid
Mock-fight With Cupid

Lips of my heart..

Are locked into a

Teasing silence!

Eyes of her soul..

Pretend to duck my glances,

Through the musical armour

Of her fluttering eye-lids!

Story of our love..

Is overcast with..

Clouds of a mock fight..

Pregnant with silent tears!

Friends and “loved-ones”

Are groping in the dark…

To Weave again the broken strands…

Between shores of our souls!

A faintly whispering dimple..

On her secretly smiling cheek..

Is watching all the fun..

Through the misty eyed veil..

Of crocodile tears!

The cupid finally..

Defuses the cold war..

With a wink and whistle..

Tickling her dimple..

Into a fountain of laughter!

As my lips melt

With the cheering fake tears..

Lingering around the deepening dimple..

I know the bitter spell..

Of the dummy cold-war..

Has turned our courtship..

Into an ever-sweetening wonder!

© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.

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