Music and Lyrics

Music And Lyrics
Music And Lyrics

My life sacrificed my heart,

To the dancing poetry

Of your musical limbs,

At a breath-taking turn,

Lapsed into a lush green dream!

Beats of my heart

Burst into the songs,

Of a burning passion,

Dying to team-up their rhythm

With the ensemble of your singing limbs!

Fusing the lyrics of their dreams

With music of your life

Into an immortal duet,

Bonding each other

In a life-long tryst!

My fate has been holding

Her breath, ever since,

Immersed in the musical strains

Of our drunken togetherness!

As my life stands numb,

In the arms of those moments,

Eternally frozen.,

At that breath-taking turn

Lapsed into a lush green dream!

© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.


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