Music of the Mango Blossom!

Music of the Mango Blossom!

Music of the Mango Blossom!

Music of the Mango Blossom!

In the pregnant shadows..

Of a dreaming mango-tree.

Lost in the heady rhythm..

Of its own musical blossom..

A love-song was born..

Upon the fused pair of our lips!

As the strains of..

Cuckoo’s burning notes..

Wound their arms..

Around the flirting spring-breeze..

Setting-up on fire..

Limbs of our union..

Molding the pair of hearts..

Into a homogeneous sculpture..!

The drunken branches..

Merrily tap their feet

To the cadence of a young romance..

As they admire our work of art..

With an ecstatic whisper..

Of their dancing leaves..

Sealing the lips of our fates..

Along the roller-coaster ride..

Towards an ever-lasting climax!

© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.

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