Nature’s Poem

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Nature’s Poem

Nature’s Poem

Nature's Poem
Nature’s Poem

Blooming Petals..

Of your whispering youth..

Dare the poet inside me..

To capture the..

Lyrical essence..

Of their silent beauty..

In my faltering words!

Tell me, how can I..

Script the image of

The ethereal elegance..

Of your young smile..

Choreographed by..

The drunken glow of..

A dimpled full-moon..

Reborn upon your lips!

With what other miracle..

Can I ever compare..

Ever-flowing fragrance..

Of your speechlessly..

Singing limbs..

Than the crystal clear cadence

Of a sensuously dancing

River nestling deep inside..

The fair arms of Himalayan mountains..

Melting their brooding hearts..

Into lush green forests..

Buzzing along her banks!

Why need I really even..

Dream of a poem on you..

When you already are a poem..

Delicately crafted by the Poet Nature..

Into one of her star creations..?

© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.

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