Question and Answer

Question And Answer
Question And Answer

“How much do you..

Really love me?”

Her tears asked

My words perched upon

My intimate letter

Penned in blood-red ink..

Faintly fragrant,

With pain of my heart!

“Can you measure

Our end-less love?”

My words smiled through

Her whispering tears!

“How can you count,

Those countless clouds

Of rainbow-tinted emotions

Fleeting across the

The pregnant sky of your face..

As each one of us words,

Enters through your eyes

Sliding down lanes

And by-lanes of your soul?”

Overwhelmed with bursting agony

Her tear jumped upon

The lap of my letter, kissing those words

In a. death defying embrace,

Melting my blood-red letters

Into smiling petals of

A red lotus of an ever-throbbing pain,

Smiling at her tearful question

With a priceless answer!

© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.

Symphony of the Nightflower

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Question And Answer

"How much do you..

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