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Question and Answer

Question and Answer

Question and Answer
Question and Answer

“How much do you..

Really love me?”

Her tears asked

My words perched upon

My intimate letter

Penned in blood-red ink..

Faintly fragrant,

With pain of my heart!

“Can you measure

Our end-less love?”

My words smiled through

Her whispering tears!

“How can you count,

Those countless clouds

Of rainbow-tinted emotions

Fleeting across the

The pregnant sky of your face..

As each one of us words,

Enters through your eyes

Sliding down lanes

And by-lanes of your soul?”

Overwhelmed with bursting agony

Her tear jumped upon

The lap of my letter, kissing those words

In a. death defying embrace,

Melting my blood-red letters

Into smiling petals of

A red lotus of an ever-throbbing pain,

Smiling at her tearful question

With a priceless answer!

© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.

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