Singing in the Rain…

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Singing in the Rain…

Singing in the Rain…

Singing in the Rain...
Singing in the Rain…

My whispering tears..

Have made a tryst..

With drizzling dreams..

Of monsoon rain-drops..

To perch upon..

Over-flowing fragrance..

Of your silken tresses!

And deck them with..

… Pearls of sparkling moments..!

As my tears mingle with..

Shades of a rainbow..

Flowing along the dreams..

Dripping down your hair..

And hover around..

The faintly deepening dimple..

Winking at my lips..

Daring them to sip..

The juice of life..

Streaming around..

The dimpled sweetness..

Of your young smile!

Drunk with the heady aroma..

Of the air around you..

My lips melt with the fantasies..

Drifting along your..

Fluttering eye-lids..

Signing off the immortal scene..

With a master punch-line..

“Love between you and me..

Is simple like a song..

But woven around

A dreaming rain-drop!”

© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.

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