Softly Whispering Eyes

Softly Whispering Eyes

Softly Whispering Eyes

Softly Whispering Eyes

Your eyes…

Like a pair of…

Dreaming love-birds…

Have startled my world…

With a fountain of…

Softly singing dreams!

As they rise to

Dazzle the sun-kissed..

Beats of my heart..

My world salutes them with

A golden surprise..

Of a nascent sun-rise!

As they droop with a subtle blush..

As if to hide a treasure..

Of secretly smiling dreams..

Nestling with your silent tears..

Setting my ecstatic thoughts..

Into a frantic treasure-hunt..

To scavenge the moon-lit depths..

Of your fragrant soul..

To capture the essence..

Of your silent tears..

Painting a rainbow of emotions..

Across your softly whispering eyes!

© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.

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