Symphony of The Nightflower

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Symphony of The Nightflower

Symphony of The Nightflower

Symphony of The Nightflower
Symphony of The Nightflower

The “Night-flower” is oozing..
With a fountain of heady fragrance..
Ruling every breath of my night..
With music of her infectious zest!

Eyes of my heart..
Stay glued to the doorway..
Breathlessly weaving dreams..
Throbbing with foot-steps of my beloved!

Every beat of my heart..
Has anyway surrendered..
Its martyred existence..
To the reign of her eyes..
Crowning every moment of my life..
With music of silent tears..
Longing to sweeten her lips..
With their wet smile!

How does it matter then..
If she never turns-up tonight..
As long as my tears..
Emulate silken touch of her lips..
Connecting dots of my dreaming thoughts..
Into a live illusion of her wet kisses..
Weaving a neck-lace of immortal moments..
Drenched in the fragrance..
Of the misty-eyed Night-Flower?

© Copyright Viswas Vaidya 2013, All rights reserved

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