That is Where… I Wait For You!

That is Where… I Wait For You!

That is Where... I Wait For You!

That is Where… I Wait For You!

Where waves mingle with waves..

Breaking into a musical unison…

Upon the eternally dreaming rocky shore..

Into a misty wonder-shower..

Of fine sparkling pearls..

Endlessly enacting a fatal union..

Between their foaming youth..

And rocky reality of their harsh life..!

That is where I wait for you..

Longing to break-upon..

Your musical limbs..

With beats of my heart..

In an all devouring union..

As the shower of dancing pearls..

Decks our embrace..

In a sparkling splendor!

If my life breaks-upon..

The dark lips of Death..

Before you ever come..

Let me shed an immortal tear..

In the bottomless hush..

Of the ever-flowing stream of time..

To be reborn into your eyes.

.As my martyred tear..

Roaming along your face..

Whispering the tale..

Of my immortal wait..

Before breaking-upon your lips..

Finally enacting our dream-union..

To the sparkling ovation..

Breaking at the sea-shore!

© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.

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