The Divine Debt

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The Divine Debt

The Divine Debt

The Divine Debt
The Divine Debt

Buried in the

Silken arms of Love,

My life was gazing

At the dark sweetness

Of the blushing night

Wooed by the dimpled

Glory of a young moon

“Midas touch of your lips

Has turned my moments

Into golden rain-drops

Of a sun-kissed August”

My life whispered with Love,

“Tell me how can I

Ever pay back the

Golden debt of

Your lush-green magic?”

Pointing to the infinite glory

Of the musical night,

Love whispered,

“How can you ever pay back..

When you, me, the night and the moon

Are all not only just debtors.. but also

Sparkling drops of tiny debts

In the infinite ocean of the Divine Debt!”

© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.

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