The Vanishing Glory

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The Vanishing Glory

The Vanishing Glory

The Vanishing Glory
The Vanishing Glory

Are you hidden,

In the blushing lips of

The half dreaming,

Half smiling flowers…

As the source of

Their fragrant murmur,

Which melts my mornings

Into a sudden wonder

Of drizzling joy

Or are you dancing..

As a smiling ripple

Across the face of

A sleeping pond

Which tickles

The red lotus

Perched upon its heart

Into a timeless musical shiver?

Tell me, how can you ever

Vanish from my life

If fragrance of your breath

Sings an eternal duet with

The fugitive summer breeze

And a lone intense tear

Shed by the smile in your eyes

Into the silent depths

Of a pre-monsoon night

Kissing the thirsty dreams

Of a parched summer soil

Into a lush green poem?

© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.

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