The Young Moments

The Young Moments
The Young Moments

Decked like a new bride,

The evening was flaunting,

Foot-prints of a golden courtship,

Left by the departing sun!

“Doesn’t this bring alive,

The moments of gold

Of our first evening…?”

Mused my love,

Gazing at the sky,

“When your tears

Painted an epic poem

For endless hours,

On the sky of my

Dreaming face?”

“How can those moments ever depart”

My heart echoed

With a wistful tear,

“When every passing year

They are born and reborn

On mid-monsoon evenings,

As the clouds paint the words

Of the same epic poem

On the lush-green face

Of the ever-dreaming earth,

Can those young moments,

Ever really grow old?

Let alone fade into oblivion?”

© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.


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