When Life Meets Life

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When Life Meets Life

When Life Meets Life

When Life Meets Life
When Life Meets Life

Stream of my life

Was flowing along

The shores of her destiny,

As a wandering soul

Joined along my foot-steps

Weaving the music

Of her fragrant breath

Around the dreaming

Petals of my thoughts

Her fingers smiled into

The eyes of my fingers

Fusing into a surreal union

Dancing to the rhythm

Of her bangles

Hovering shyly around

The speechless beats of my heart

Ever since my life

Has been floating along

Like song of a river

Winding her lyrical arms

Around the lush-green notes

Of our musical togetherness

As waves of our life whisper

“When life meets life

Love breaths music into

Every word dancing

On the lips of life!

© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.

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