Promoting Accidental Soldier in the United States and Israel

Dorit Sasson pens today’s guest post at Writers Pay It Forward as she talks about “Promoting Accidental Soldier in the United States and in Israel” where readers can learn more about Dorit’s memoir Accidental Soldier: A Memoir of Service and Sacrifice in the Israel Defense Forces.

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Book Details

  • Title: Accidental Soldier: A Memoir of Service and
    Sacrifice in the Israel Defense Forces
  • Author: Dorit Sasson
  • Genre: Memoir, Army, Military
  • Length: 337 pages
  • Publisher: She Writes Press
  • Publication Date: June 14, 2016

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Promoting Accidental Soldier: A Memoir of Service and Sacrifice in the Israel Defense Forces has been an ongoing challenge mainly in terms of finding the right venues. Fortunately, its themes are universal enough to speak at various venues in both American and Israel.

The lineup so far for promoting Accidental Soldier in the United States this year includes:

The Jewish Book Council

As of now, I’m firming up my 2 minute pitch for the Jewish Book Conference that takes place on May 25-26 2016 in New York City. I’m hoping that all the representatives from the Jewish Community Centers, book clubs and groups from across the country in that audience will see Accidental Soldier not just as Jewish and a mother-daughter story, but one that provides a unique perspective of what it means to be an immigrant serving in the Israel Defense Forces.

It is my dream to take Accidental Soldier on the road, and I’m hoping that the JBC will fly me out to speak at the various places across the United States to tell my story for the 2016-2017 year of programming. If this of course, doesn’t work out as I had hoped, then there’s always the local market, but many of my She Writes Press sisters have all told me that my book holds great promise with the JBC.

Book Clubs, Author Events at local Libraries in Pittsburgh

I am a big fan of promoting my book locally. As you can see from the events page on my website, I’m due to speak at book clubs and author events — mainly at local libraries. I’m also in the process of reaching out to the book clubs of various community centers and local synagogues as well.

Fundraisers in Pittsburgh

I am doing a fundraiser on May 1st at Repair the world in Pittsburgh to benefit the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) and my son’s school – Community Day School. This seems like a logical and worthy cause to help the IDF soldiers who do so much to protect the nation of Israel. After all, if there weren’t any IDF soldiers, there would be no Israel.

From a promotional perspective, this is a great way to bring awareness to the issues and the causes of your book. I’m hoping the word will spread for a book that has great value and significance for the Jewish community of Pittsburgh where I live.

Local Bookstores

I’m launching Accidental Soldier at two local bookstores in the Pittsburgh area — Penguin Bookstore in Sewickley and Classic Lines in Squirrel Hill. Stephen King will be speaking at Penguin Bookstore on June 8th. I am grateful and honored to be given this opportunity to speak at this amazing and historical bookstore.

She Writes Press book tour

At the time of writing this post, I’m still waiting to hear where I’ll be speaking for any of the She Writes Press tour stop, (She Writes Press is the publisher of my memoir.)  I’ve put Washington DC, Brooklyn, New York and Chicago as my first three stops. We’ll see if I get them.

Promoting Accidental Soldier in Israel

Now, this… is a challenge. But… wouldn’t it be so cool to take Accidental Soldier on a possible tour stop in Israel? I’m planning a trip to Israel with my family during the summer, (the last time we went was in 2011) and unfortunately, that’s when many people go away, but it’s the only time I can make it.

At the time of writing this, I’m still sending out emails to possible bookstores in the old city of Jerusalem. One great friend who lives on a kibbutz has warmly agreed to spread the word of my memoir in her book club.  I have a number of English teachers who might be able to host me for a book party. We’ll see.

So there you have my promotional plan of my memoir in a nutshell. It’s one thing to plan, and it’s another thing to take it on the road.

Am I Missing Anything?

If you happen to know of a specific venue that might be a good fit for my 2016-2017 book tour, I’d appreciate it so much if you could let know in the comments below.

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