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Jean Claude


Without being crass, let’s explore some basics in the second part of our series on meditation – sexual energy.

This energy center is very powerful but also very subtle and nuanced. For this reason, it serves as yet another bridge between the subconscious and conscious states. In its grossest and roughest state, it can serve as a person’s spiritual downfall and the very source of spiritual blindness. In its most refined and sublime state, it can uplift a person to states of consciousness higher than he could have ever imagined.

This “energy” goes by many names, labels, and terms throughout different cultures and esoteric paths. The Gnostics, refer to it as the Holy Spirit, the Yogi’s as the Sacral Chakra, the Alchemists as the Philosopher’s Stone, the Freemasons as the Cubic Stone, and the Kabbalists as Yesod (foundation).

Governed by the genitalia, this energy within the middle pillar is aptly referred to as “the stone” or “foundation” for the great work. Whether we realize this or not, the drive to reproduce and pass on our genetic material is so massive, and so encompassing, that it motivates virtually every aspect of our lives. This is the regenerative force – and like the Hydra in the mythology of Hercules, its heads are endless. He who suppresses this force does so in vain. He who succumbs to it does so at his own peril and is hurled into the earth. And he who utilizes it and transmutes it, finds the very source of creative power (the Genie in the bottle if you will).

The mythologies and allegories for this energy are virtually endless. As one simple and illustrative example, let’s quickly explore Disney’s story of Aladdin.

Aladdin is lured into the “Cave of Wonders” to retrieve a lamp that grants wishes. He has no real desire of his own for such a thing, but his ego Jafar, who uses a staff that doubles as a snake wishes to acquire this treasure because it will grant him all the power of the universe. He enters the cave, and it is shut behind him. The rules are simple; he is to retrieve the lamp while “touching nothing” on the way. This is no easy task, because the cave is littered with treasures and gold. While he is able to resist and stay focused, his monkey mind (Abu), is not so fortunate and succumbs to temptation and the lust of the eyes. The monkey reaches for a prized red jewel, and the entire cave begins to collapse around them. The monkey, equally clever as he is greedy, swaps the lamp with a fake one and gives that one to Jafar. Now in possession of the lamp, the Genie makes his appearance and grants Aladdin three wishes. The story takes off from there, and he is granted riches and prince hood. These worldly acquisitions don’t help his chances of winning the love of the princess of course, but that’s a story for another time.

Whether it is the stone of Aladdin or the stone in the Hercules epic, or even Jesus’ transmutation of water into wine (semen into blood or life force), the theme is the same. This creative force must be retrieved from its lowly dwelling place and then set free.

On the Tree of Life, we see five (six counting Da’at) Sephirot in the Middle Pillar. Malkuth, Yesod, Tipheret, and Kether. Second to control of the breath (Malkuth as outlined in the previous section), is the control of the sexual energy (Yesod).

Let’s put these energy centers into language that is more understandable, so that we can discern the relationship between them.

Let’s suppose the human being were a machine. Let’s suppose further that this machine was an automobile. If this were the case, each of these Sephiroth would coincide with a part and function of that automobile. This automobile is trying to get to its destination – the spiritual worlds.

Malkuth can be likened to the frame or car itself (vessel). Yesod can be likened to the fuel (sexual energy). Tiphereth can be likened to the engine (heart). Da’at would be likened to a map of the spiritual planes (the speaking level and the books). And Kether would be likened to a compass (pointing North toward God).

The importance of the sexual energy is now clear in relation to the others. We are given an endless supply of fuel, but how we choose to use it is by what means we are judged and how far we are able to go. The adept must physically train and discipline his body to serve as a temple for God’s Light. But to neglect or abuse the energy of sexuality would be akin to having a million dollar car, without any fuel.

If we were to switch lenses to a biological standpoint, we could quickly deduce that the purpose of the drive behind sexuality is to reproduce. This “reproduction” is a mode of survival because it passes on genetic material after a person’s death. This, of course, is fine in and of itself, but it is only a shadow and a mirror of a process that takes place on a much higher plane (as above, so below).

This act of birthing an OUTWARD child is an act of survival, but in order to birth a soul subtle and pure enough to enter the spiritual planes, this energy has to be conserved and turned INWARD.

The concept of a Virgin Birth spans many, many cultures and religions. From Zoroastrianism, to Christianity, to Hercules, and even stretching back to the great Egyptians and the birth of Horus. What these stories are trying to express is clear, an internal birth has to take place. And if the outward example (giving birth in this world) is any mirror of the upper worlds, then it can only be done through the use of this very same energy.

This brings us to the practice of meditation. Sexual energy is a sensitive subject, and most Rabbi’s, Yogi’s, or other such advanced practitioners will seldom discuss it openly. Not only is it virtually impossible to describe in earthy terms, but it is equally dangerous in the wrong hands and without proper guidance.

But in the meantime, what must be understood here is that if one is engaging in the practice of meditation to reveal the upper Light and climb its ladder North, he is going to need to reserve this fuel to propel him upward. If the adept is going to misuse this energy, he must at the very least be willing to do so sparingly. Bringing the energy of Yesod (sexuality) under the control of his Will (Tiphereth) is paramount in establishing a foundation for his feet to stand. If this discipline is not applied in adequate measure, it will become the stone of stumbling (1 Peter 2:4). If however this energy is harnessed, it will become the very foundation on which to build the spiritual temple (Matt 7:24).

How is this energy transmuted during meditation?

The simple answer is… automatically. The stronger practices (tantra, etc.) should only be done with the guidance of an experienced practitioner (reference available upon request), but the short answer is that it will begin to happen automatically. Lust is a very coarse energy, and the more we refine it into something beautiful and subtle, the more the practitioner will himself become nuanced and subtle. He will begin to reject the harsher things in life, and begin to enjoy the subtle pleasures. The breeze in the air, the rustling of the leaves on a tree, and the divine feminine energy within himself. His creative faculties will surge as well because this energy is the very center of creative expression.

Are results still possible without conserving the sexual energy?

Yes – just as meditating in a loud construction site is technically possible. But without having this fuel in adequate measure, the results will be lackluster at best.

Bring the energy of sexuality under the subjugation of your Will, and the power to create and to rise will be yours.

– JC ❤ –

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  1. Avatar Of Jean Claude
    February 23, 2015 at 7:32 pm

    Jean Claude

    Hey there Yvonne, inbox is fine but just give me a day or two to get back to you? I’m swamped with the new blog at the moment..

  2. Avatar Of Jean Claude
    February 23, 2015 at 7:31 pm

    Jean Claude

    I don’t believe so, but at the same time it isn’t recommended cold turkey because the excess sexual energy has to be reintroduced gradually.

    As a start it is advisable simply to be more sparing with the orgasm. The male loses life force through the pumping of the prostate (orgasm), and the female through her menses.

    While being more sparing, you can also try the “perineum lock” or “mortal gate lock” to orgasm while still preventing the spilling of seed. This technique should also be used sparingly. Feel free to Facebook me and I’ll help get you started, and refer you to someone more qualified once the basics are down. Best of luck..

  3. Avatar Of D. Paredes
    February 23, 2015 at 4:50 pm

    D. Paredes

    Are you penalized for being celibate?

  4. Avatar Of Yvonne Gordon
    February 23, 2015 at 4:31 pm

    Yvonne Gordon

    JC I wrote you a personal message about this but if you think I should post it here I will: thank you

  5. Avatar Of Jean Claude
    February 22, 2015 at 11:33 pm

    Jean Claude

    Khepfer, this is basic information. As mentioned in the article, references are available if one wishes to engage more seriously in cultivating the energy. Raz is the reference I had in mind, but I am sure you would qualify as well.

    As stated in the article, I do not recommend completely abstaining from the orgasm, but to simply be more mindful of expulsion. To store and not use the energy isn’t optimal, but it’s certainly not a waste either. Lowering the frequency of this abuse will certainly help in daily life, seeing as how abuse of the orgasm creates an acute jolt to the nervous system and robs one of inner peace.

  6. Avatar Of Khepfer Haru
    February 22, 2015 at 10:54 pm

    Khepfer Haru

    So how does one use the Ojas (sexual energy) once it has been conserved? To store and not use sexual energy is waste, just as expulsion is waste… Please help us shed some light on the practical method of cultivating the sexual energy that is stored through abstaining from expulsion.

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