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I have loved writing for many years now, if I couldn’t write my thoughts out on paper then I began to feel this pressure build on the inside. I knew I didn’t want to express negativity, but I also knew that I had to release the frustration in some way or risk blowing up in anger at my family. After blowing up too many times for me to count, I decided to start writing in a journal, giving myself as many pages and as much time as I needed to get these thoughts and feelings out.

I began to wonder why I wanted to release these thoughts and why it made me feel so good when I did, and then I found the answer. At some point in our lives we begin a journey, a journey of discovering who we are and what our purpose here on earth is. If you are like me, this journey takes you to many spiritual places, it takes you down the path to Buddhism, or down the path of Christianity, it could even lead you down the path of Judaism, either way, you are pulled along by a force within that draws you ever closer to your answer.

I eventually found my answer to this question, I was created to share, more importantly we were all created to share. When I write, I actually put a piece of myself into my writing, I put my thoughts, or my feelings, or even a piece of my own experience into words. For many years I was too scared to actually share myself with anyone but my husband, so my thoughts stayed hidden within the pages of my journals that are now collecting dust somewhere in my home. Unfortunately, one day I realized that the pressure was beginning to build again and I couldn’t figure out why, I was writing in my journal as much as I could, why was I feeling like this? And then someone came along who taught me that answer as well.

You have to love the perfect timing that comes when someone who has the answer comes into your life at just the right moment. My husband has always had answers for me, but I began to think that he was just saying those things because he loved me, only when other people began to say the same things he was telling me all along, did I finally get the message. He kept telling me to do something with my writing, to go beyond just writing for myself and to share what I was feeling and thinking with others, but it was very hard for me to do, I have shared my thoughts with others before and it did not end well for me.

Then I had a wonderful person (and her husband) come into my life that helped me to take that next step towards sharing my thoughts, experiences, and my knowledge with others. I believe we all have something to share, we all have information and experiences we could pass along to help others, basically, I see us all as writers, many just haven’t taken the time to write it down. I don’t see people as good or bad writers, I see people who are comfortable sharing who they are and those who are not as comfortable sharing themselves with others for various reasons.

As I am developing my writing style and becoming more comfortable with who I am as a person, I find writing to be easier than it was in the beginning. I started out trying to be someone else, so I was trying to share someone I wasn’t, and people can always tell when you are not being real with them. Now, I am trying to be myself, trying to speak in a way that is consistent with who I truly am, and who I truly am is a person who was created to share.

Sharing in a way that helps people instead of hurting them, is an immense gift given to humanity by its Creator.

– J.R. Richards –

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