The Man Who Loves The Rain

The Man Who Loves The Rain

Alexandru Cosmin Gheorghe


Somewhere lives a man who loves the rain.
He asks people whom he meets on his path,
“Do you like it when it rains?”

Some of them laugh, some smile, some consider him a bore…
But once, at a different time
unexpectedly, the man was asked with a vibrant voice,
“What do you like most of all?”

He smiles and closes his eyes
sensing the vibration without hearing a voice,
spoken through a feeling present at the same time.
“I love it when it rains,” he says.

And the next moment the wind gently blew,
the clouds started singing with raindrops,
and the vegetation danced to the earth’s vibrating rhythm.

The man felt his heart being drenched with love.
A moment later, he finally understood…
She was his water…

When it rains he finds, he feels, and touches her…
because he had lost her in the rain before.
A long time ago, when they met…
the rain was there for them,
now there’s a flash of wit long awaited…

The time gives back sometimes,
a more intimate encounter with her…
beyond time and space.
Out of time, forever he will go with her…
to become one…

– Alexandru Cosmin Gheorghe –

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