New God
The New God 1

The New God

Alexandru Cosmin Gheorghe


A human is a lower form of God!!!
That built out of his selfishness
An all-encompassing ruined creation,
crawling in its material pleasures.


If you build from true love,
your creation must learn
that the path of love from one generation to another
must not mix desires of egoism with its own benefits,
or risk removing true love from true understanding.


“I mention this today, for each of us, to think about
how much we’ve removed The God of the true reality.
Feelings of eternal love have been completely forgotten,
and we’ve created our own laws of selfish, materialistic desires.”


The New God is materialistic!!!
Written about by the great teachers,
stretching as far back to ancient times,
they demonstrated the true love that nobody understood,
only a few from so many.


Now, Materialism is my God as it is for others.
Only as I had a few moments of light can I write these words.
I’m not different from you; we are the same,
but I wanted to mention that the “true love”
from which we were created is deep inside
and can successfully help us overcome the desires of matter.


A better understanding beyond the matter
can be by following the path, and transmitting it forward.


Remember !!!
“Losing is a gain (you can lose material matter here)
and to win (true love) is a loss
(because you like material pleasures so much
that you’ve removed the love).


Try to understand and feel what is written above,
the first is that everything is made here even your body (matter)
and the second is that it’s hard, the understanding,
the feeling coming from the Creator.


It seems to be impossible for each of us to follow the path to Him,
although it is simple and smooth,
eternal and completely emptying of matter
with its desires for them forever,
the real meaning here is “True Love”!!!


Empty all your hatred against others
and do not think only of pleasure for yourself.
That is a short vibration of the body
wrapped in pleasure and suffering running out the end.


– Alexandru Cosmin Gheorghe –

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