The Spiritual Calling of the Aquarius

The Spiritual Calling of the Aquarius

The Spiritual Calling of the Aquarius

By Jean Claude

Disclaimer: As with all birth charts, there are a lot more factors involved with a person’s temperament and purpose than the Sun Sign alone, especially if that sign is cardinal or mutable. Take this into consideration before accepting or dismissing what is written below.

As the birth of the Age of Aquarius approaches, those born under this sign have a very special calling. The relative ease and comfort with which they approach the mental planes places them at the tip of the spear in regards to helping humanity pierce into this new global paradigm.

No longer will the Aquarius have his hands tied by the traditional shackles of the previous ages. Things like organization and material needs (Earth), emotional duality and sensitivity to truth (Water), or pride and the cult of personality (Fire) are not nearly as relevant now. With the advent of the internet and the explosion of the information age, these usual Achilles heels are no longer present, and the Aquarius is slowly finding himself more capable and able to meet the challenge of his time in his own unique way. The doors are slowly being pushed open.

That is, of course, if he is willing (or able) to rise to the occasion..

The Unevolved Aquarius

The Unevolved Aquarius finds him/herself in a unique predicament. His greatest strength is his intelligence, yet at the same time it is this same prison of the mind that holds him hostage. He is ever cynical of outdated modes of governing, social structure, and other restrictions on what he sees as the human mind and it’s imprisonment.

To a large degree, he is correct in these assessments.

What he misses however, is that in his rebellion, he often creates a prison of his own. Opposite to society’s prison, but equal in size and scope. This happens because good is seldom birthed from fighting something old alone.

In other words, he will often throw out the proverbial baby with the bath water, making a clean sweep of old systems of thought, without keeping the inherent truths that can be found in them.

To confound this, it is very difficult to break an illusion in the Aquarius’ mind once it has crystallized. As many can attest, arguing logically with an Aquarius can be an uphill battle.


Because 90% of the time they are actually remarkably close to the target in their thinking. Passionate arguments, emotional pleas, and even practicality don’t seem to shake them one bit. Faced with a furious bee’s nest of logic, most friends and well wishers will often give up and run with their tail between their legs.

The Aquarius’ arrogance of mind becomes his downfall.

The only way to shatter an unhealthy mental illusion in the Aquarius’ mind, is to conceive and deliver a counter argument that is virtually bullet proof and without error. Very few however, have the intelligence or the ability to deliver this to the Aquarius. His mind guards his heart. Pierce the former, and the latter will follow.

Thoughts, to the Aquarius, are real.

Like an electric current that you can only see faintly, until it is touched and it’s power is felt. The wait time between a thought and its eventual manifestation into the third dimension, is excruciating to the Aquarius. Because of this internal conflict, they are often labeled disorganized, eccentric, or undisciplined.

When it comes to humanity, they are most concerned with the realm of the “macro”, often to the exclusion of the “micro”. Everyday matters bore the Aquarius to tears.

Take for example, the Aquarius’ unyielding humanitarian nature for the greater good and collective humanity. He worries often about how the greater collective humanity gets along. While this may be commendable, it is often at the cost of their personal relationships, remaining detached and aloof toward their immediate environment and circle of friends and family – while they allocate most of their precious time and energy toward the bigger picture. While most people work from the ground up, or from the individual to the collective, the Aquarius works in opposite order (Uranus).

These are the children, who while sitting in class, would ask a flurry of “why?” questions to the teacher, usually leading to backlash by the instructor and the child being reprimanded. Often unbeknownst even to the Antiquarian child himself, what he was seeking was a larger purpose to attach to the facts that the teacher was presenting.

root of the Aquarius

This, more often than not, becomes the root of the Aquarius’ future problems. As most know, school is traditionally heavily influenced by Saturn’s energies (restriction). And if it is not, then the future jobs that the school is preparing the child for, certainly are.

In the face of this crushing rejection of his natural thought process, the Aquarius child is left with two options:

  1. Become an accomplice in the destruction of his own creative faculties, or..

  2. Rebel outright against the system in an effort to salvage and protect the very special spark that G-d put into his heart and mind.

Unfortunately, both options often lead to an equally undesirable extreme in the psyche. Very few are then able to mend these two polarities into the beautiful evolution that the Aquarius is meant to embody and radiate forth.

undesirable extreme

The former option leads the Aquarius to become very detached, seeking only entertainment and novelty – a shadow of his original curiosity for divine truth. While the latter leads the Aquarius to become the quintessential “rebel without a cause”, creating a sort of “alter” in his psyche that shields and protects him, but equally imprisons him and vampires his energy.

For the one’s that are somehow able to merge and discard these two extremes however, we arrive at the Evolved Aquarius.

The Evolved Aquarius

The evolved Aquarius’ mental capacity is enormous. He is able to, at will, absorb or discard a system or pattern of thought. He is able to shuffle through thoughts at lightning speed. The powerful ability to recognize the patterns that used to enslave him, now work to empower him. He is now truly free to recognize, create, or discard a pattern at will – with no unhealthy attachment to any single or set of thoughts. He is able to shuffle a bee’s nest of thoughts with ease, creating strings and patterns.

This power of pattern recognition, above all else, is the source of what is special inside of the Aquarius.

It is said that there are 7 expressions of intelligence:

Multiple IntelligencesLinguistic intelligence (“word smart”)
Logical-mathematical intelligence (“number/reasoning smart”)
Spatial intelligence (“picture smart”)
Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence (“body smart”)
Musical intelligence (“music smart”)
Interpersonal intelligence (“people smart”)
Intrapersonal intelligence (“self smart”)
Naturalist intelligence (“nature smart”)

We see people from all walks of life that embody one or more of the intelligences above. Moreover, those with a keen eye for astrology will recognize that certain signs are more apt to embody one of the forms of intelligence listed above. The investigative Water Sign of Scorpio, for example, will likely embody some form of Intrapersonal intelligence. The talkative Air Sign of Gemini will likely exhibit some form of Linguistic intelligence, and so on..

But what do we make of the Aquarius? Where do they fit in?

The reason they are not particularly more inclined toward one intelligence or another, is because the evolved Aquarius is a manifestation of them all.


Because all of the intelligences listed above have one thing in common – PATTERNING.

Linguistic Intelligence is a form of pattern recognition and the subsequent application of words.

Mathematical Intelligence is a form of pattern recognition and its subsequent application with numbers and measurements.

Spatial Intelligence is a form of geometrical pattern recognition.

Kinesthetic Intelligence is the successful patterning of a sequence of movements (dancing, etc).

Music is created through patterning different notes into a harmonious sequence.

Inter and Intra-personal Intelligence is the wisdom of human behavioral and emotional patterns.

Nature is the divine expression of G-d’s laws and the subsequent pattern of His fingerprint.

And so on, and so forth…

To Understand Is To Perceive

The evolved Aquarius, once grasping this on a deep spiritual level, is able to apply this “super-power” to all facets of life and humanity, collective or individual. He may have worked from above downward, but once the two are fused, he recognizes instantly that whatever pattern exists in the collective, exists in the individual. He is now able to learn about the collective from the individual, and the individual from the collective.

Aquarius JofraMeta realist

“As above, so below” begins to carry a very special meaning to him from that point on…

Though he used to get quite annoyed with the pettiness and self concern of the average individual, he now understands that it is only a mirror of a collective condition.

At this point, he kneels at the altar of his heart, and accepts what his soul set out to accomplish in the first place – to correct the world, by correcting himself.

And to create the utopia he sought in the world, inside of himself.

– JC ❤ –

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on 01, Feb 2020
This is so amazing that I happened to come across this not that long ago I was a horribly fake version of myself very concerned with what others thought of and never truly happy even though I doing great it wasn't until I broke through that I saw how fake I was and how miserable I had become. It's so refreshing to see that there are others like me and I'm not the only one out here who truly feels this way.
Philip Andrew martin

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