True Love

True Love

Alexandru Cosmin Gheorghe


True love… True love… True love, what is it?

Nothing pleases us, nothing is satisfying, and nothing frees us from these feelings if we don’t have true love. Without it, we will not be reborn, and we remain within the shadow of illusion that will always make us think that we have true love.

In fact, this is illusory, and we lie to ourselves when we feel a long-term pleasure with an uncontrolled desire. This sensation does not make us free, but rather keeps us trapped in a state of, not wanting to know true love.

What you feel is not true love! Good feelings, those of true love are never ending; they don’t need words or facts… “Better one moment of deep true love instead of living in the illusion of dreaded darkness”.
What Is Love

– Alexandru Cosmin Gheorghe –

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