What If
What If

J.R. Richards


What would you do if you found out your reality isn’t real? What if everything you’ve learned through school, your parents, and religion was a lie? What if you found out that everything you see as solid is composed of more air than matter? What if everything you see is a projection that comes from your mind? What if an outside source sends a signal that your brain receives and deciphers to create what you see in front of you? How would you live each day differently knowing these things? Would you stress, worry, and be fearful in a world that is made up?

What if reality is a lot like the movie The Matrix? Neo’s everyday life was not real; he was living a holographic life inside a program called the matrix. He knew deep inside that something was wrong and that life wasn’t what it seemed and with the help of others, Neo was able to escape the matrix and live his true life in the real world.

Quantum physics is now proving a lot of these theories as true, that our universe is nothing more than a holographic universe that is being projected from our minds but originates from a Source, one they haven’t identified yet but many of us already know where it originates from. It originates from the Source of all things, the Creator.

– J.R. Richards –

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  1. Avatar Of Riham Adly
    November 2, 2015 at 3:34 pm

    Riham Adly


    I believe everything is made out of energy with certain frequencies. The science of biogeometry is proving the idea mentioned in the article. But there is a lot that I can’t grasp. If my life is a hologram then definitely I’m not in full control of it, otherwise all my wishes would have come true. I believe in thoughts manifesting to a degree, I believe in souls who could have met in a previous life, but can’t grasp how me typing this while listening to the dog barking, and checking the soup I’m cooking is all unreal. Where am I right now if its not real? Am I sleeping and dreaming this up? In lucid dreaming I don’t smell but i see well and i feel grief, love, shock and even pain. It’s still a bit hard to grasp. What about mental illness, serial killers, how can their actions be explained if it was all unreal? Too many questions in need of some answers.

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