Whom are We Afraid of and who is Evil?

Alexandru Cosmin Gheorghe, Guest Posts

Whom are We Afraid of and who is Evil?

Whom are We Afraid of and who is Evil?

Whom are We Afraid of and who is Evil?

Alexandru Cosmin  Gheorghe


Can you fear anything created by another person if you don’t understand what it is, why it is, and for what reason it was created?

If you seek wisdom, you will discover that this identical desire is in everyone. Search, and you will find it… conquer the uncontrollable desire, seek more. Don’t let yourself be guided by actions that you don’t feel as coming from inside you. These actions will keep you trapped inside your own body, and you’ll no longer be the one who controls them.

A person is the result of his own desire, and this is manifested through his actions. You can become the evil that you create. This evil is inside you… it is “you”… and it can also affect others in an amplified way. Try to unite with as many people, and you will finally gain the trust of the whole nation. We will all become one, and the evil will not rise to the surface inside us any longer.

However, a trace of wickedness remains in our hearts. We are the ones who keep it alive through our egoism, domination, self-love, manipulations imposed on others and all the other bad habits we may have.

Uniting with everyone and becoming a single entity, seems to be so hard to grasp. It’s as if we try to hold in the palm of our hand all of the sand in the world.

But… I think that nothing is impossible… adopt this desire, find it inside you. Do not only think about it, but also feel it! We are all a part of the Whole!

– Alexandru Cosmin Gheorghe –

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