Why do people need to fight?

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Why do people need to fight?

Why do people need to fight?

Why do people need to fight?

Alexandru Cosmin Gheorghe


What do we need wars for?
Is it to destroy pieces of matter (“WE”)?
Will this method win back fragments of our broken soul?

A battle between people means that we
remove the spark of divine light from within us.
Why should we do this?

Try to understand this, power, domination,
winning by taking from others, deception…
“Wars are not for humans.”

If you are part of nature, nature is on your side.
But if you are against nature, you attract and
create other grievous effects with your acts.

Now is the time to build a good story
concerning our world from our facts,
but first I had to write!!

If you love nature, love what’s around you
and you will respect everything unconditionally,
do the same with your brothers and sisters,
in nature and beyond.

Get to know the secrets of your ancestors,
focus the light shimmering inside.

Your desire to enjoy the material,
the longing for material pleasures,
conceals your internal light and makes it inaccessible!!

– Alexandru Cosmin Gheorghe –

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