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Everything started when I understood that inside each of us, a writer sleeps and waits to be awakened.

We are human beings. Each of us has his own life and his stories. But life does not tell stories. It is us, the people, who tell the stories. We do this by awakening the writer inside us. And doing so, we can help other people by giving them sparks of wisdom and knowledge. You can never know who needs it and who is eager to know your story.

Do you want to try to do this also? If you don’t have a place where you regularly post or guest blog your thoughts and stories, we are happy to help.

Of course, we will always be glad to be hosts for writers who already have their personal space. We are honored to see their words here, and we appreciate that they want to share their hearts with M.C. Simon’s readers.

Most of all, we are proud that we have writers who are “officially” debuted on MCSimonWrites website. We are proud to see how the confidence of the writer inside their hearts, has risen to the level where they were able to spread their wings far and wide… to finally start their own Magical Space, where readers can come, read, and feel the Writer’s Soul. Moreover, who knows? Maybe one day they will also be published authors. You too can do this.

Even if you don’t want to start your own website (because this indeed takes time, knowledge and lots of effort) you don’t need to worry.

Be a Writer!
At MCSimonWrites, you will always have a warm Home.
Use your Name or choose a Pen Name.
Come… and enjoy it!

Please read first our Guidelines page.



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