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Without doubt, many of you have already read the recent review of Jacqui Malpass’ book. It is a great read and not only this, but it is filled with lots of wisdom and applicable techniques to gain back the self-respect and overcome specific situations in life… specifically in the marriage life.

As expected, the readers’ reactions were not just positive but extremely positive. 🙂 For this reason, we now come back with more details about the author. And… instead of trying to write a profile of her… we thought, why not let Jacqui Malpass answer five questions herself.

Enjoy the mini interview prepared especially for you! If you want to add some more questions, Jacqui will happily answer.


Hi, Jacqui! It seems that your book evoked many admiring fans comments on the social media networks where we promoted the review. Can you please tell our readers What Inspired You To Write This Book?

What inspires anyone to write? Personal experience, the desire to inspire others and personal growth. I was in a relationship, which instinctively did not feel good. I was not nurtured, nor nourished and yet I stayed. It embarrasses me to think that I thought that this is what a relationship would be like ‘later in life’. However, I was lucky (and I do think I was immensely lucky), one night I opened the then husbands’ computer and found content that would change my life forever.

6 weeks later, my life as I knew it was dismantled, decluttered and I left with my two dogs to start a new life. Once people asked me about why I was living where I was or how did I get here, I started to hear more tales of discontent. It was from there that I realised that both men and women needed a lift mentally and emotionally, but more than that how to create an exit strategy. Because you never know when something you weren’t expecting is going to happen.


How Did You Come Up With The Idea For The Book?

It started as a joke and a challenge. Sarah Arrow suggested to a group of us to write a buyer’s guide to something. This title popped into my head. It was something that I was intending to use to link to some courses I was planning.

When I reached 10,000 words in one sitting, I realised that this should be a short book, backed up with a mini course. I became increasingly passionate about supporting other people going through what I did. As more people connected to me, the more stories I heard, the more I knew that people needed support and to know that they were not alone.

Suddenly it became more than a book; it became a way that I could share the experience of having messy relationships and not listening to my intuition with my ability to, when the chips are down, to sort things out practically and logically.

This is just a small way to enable and I hope inspire others to listen to their intuition and make a plan for a new life.


Who Would You Love To Read It – What Kind Of People And Why?

All genders. Despite the title being for women, the content applies to both sexes. However, as a woman I wanted to write from a female perspective. I would love women who are feeling stuck in a failing relationship to pick it up and use it to first ask if, once they are connected to their values, what they want? If it is to stay, then still create a plan for leaving, because you never know. If it is to leave, to do that in the best possible way for everyone concerned.

When you are aware of what you want and you are listening to your heart and gut, you will know what to do.

There are too many unhappy people, let’s find a way with as little pain as possible to create more happiness, inside and outside of one on one relationships.


If You Had To Do It All Over Again, Would You Change Anything In Your Book?

That is a great question, because I think when we write we have too much to share and I was conscious that I could have made this a big book. Therefore, no I wouldn’t change the length or the format it is delivered in, I might later on, add other women’s stories of strength to it, so as to inspire others even more.


What Advice Do You Have For Other Writers?

Know that you too have an important message to share. Get clear on what that is, create a theme and brand around it and then go for it. Believe that you can and you will. Also to take many reflective breaks. Allow the content and flow to come. You will know when it is right.


Thank you, Jacqui Malpass, for accepting to answer some question for our readers. We will always be happy to have you as our guest and we are sure that our readers will have much more to learn from you.

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