What Is An Interview?

The official point of view about an Interview

An interview is a conversation between two or more people; it is a standard part of qualitative research.
An interview is used in journalism, media reporting and various employment-related contexts.
An interview always has an interviewer and at least one interviewee.

The interviewer must have skills to listen on three different levels:

  • What the participant is saying
  • Listen to their “inner voice”
  • Listen to the flow of the interview

There are many methods to conduct an interview.

There are also different types of interviews:

  • Informal, conversational interview
  • General interview guided approach
  • Standardized, open-ended interview
  • Closed, fixed-response interview


My point of view about an Interview

Before asking my first question, I always prefer to do my “homework”, meaning to dig deep to find details that will help me “feel” the interviewee.

I totally love to do my research and extract from there… what is being said behind the words… how the interviewee’s soul can be revealed to the reader’s heart.

Yes, my heart is always attracted to the root of an action and not to the action itself.

I hope you will enjoy the rest of my interviews. I also hope that you will sense a completely hidden other world behind the spoken words… a world of love… the real world.

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