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You deserve to be a known author. Your book deserves to be read by millions. SUCCESS is only up to you. Boost your book sales and exposure by professionally promoting your book on our site and all social media channels.

Book Promotion Begins Within 48hrs of placing your order.


Easy Book Promotion Service

You deserve to be a known author. Your book deserves to be read by millions. SUCCESS is only up to you. Boost your book sales and exposure with our Easy Book Promotion Service. Add your book to our site and we will professionally promote your book to thousands of members/followers. Our primary social media channels comprise of FacebookInstagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others. With direct links to your Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and other point of sales platforms – you know your book will thank you for it!

Follow The 9 Step Process Of What You Will Receive

1Manually Promote your book’s point-of-sale link(s) on randomly selected book related Facebook Groups, each one ranging from 6K-35K members.

  • 25 postings (3 months promotion/approximate reach 250,000+ members)
  • 50 postings (6 months promotion/approximate reach 500,000+ members)
  • 100 postings (12 months promotion/approximate reach 1,000,000+ members)

You will have access to Google Sheets Report so you can monitor all promotion activity in real-time.

[NEW] Each post will now be unique with hashtags that relate to your book’s subject. This will ensure an even greater reach for your success!

3Once your book promotion is live, it will be posted on all our social media channels below.

4FREE 3D Book Mockup (PNG file with transparent background) original file used in your custom graphic banner ($5 value).

5Email will be sent to all our 5,000+ subscribers with details about your book.

6Your book will appear in the TOP 10 FEATURED BOOKS section of our home page.

75 STAR Review System so your book will easily stand out in Google searches. Readers can quickly leave their book review right on the page.

8Professionally SEO’ed (Search Engine Optimized) promotional page content so your book receives the best chance to rise to the top of Search Engines.

9Permanent page (Lifetime Placement) with custom graphic banner, your book details including book mockup image, point of sale links, author details with website/social media links.

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5.0 Rating From 23 Reviews.
on 09, Oct 2021
This is a great service for writers. I've used them a couple of times with really good results.
on 20, May 2020
Wow.. that promotion was very cool.. I love it..
on 16, Jun 2020
Not yet served
on 07, Sep 2019
This is an amazing and professional website.
Jenny Ainslie-Turner
on 31, Jan 2020
The process to apply was easy. The price is reasonable.
ophelia Kee
on 23, Feb 2021
Sounds great,this is what I have been looking for!
Twaha Sulyman
on 28, Sep 2019
This is an awesome service for book authors and writers. Thank you so much for creating this solution.
Rocco Castellano/ ICON Press
on 10, Feb 2020
I am very please with results.
on 12, Jan 2020
Super easy to use and the guys are great to work with!
Toni Cox
on 14, Jan 2021
This website is ideal for authors looking to expose their works to potential readers and boost sells.
Mario Guerrier
on 09, May 2020
They did nice work in record time, I am very pleased so far and they are quite reasonable. I would recommend them to other authors.
Ron Foster
on 18, Nov 2021
I have used this company before, and their work is always to a high standard
Vernon J. Yarker
on 22, May 2020
I'll admit, I was skeptical at first but this actually turned into a great investment. I would certainly suggest it to any author. They get to work quickly and you don't have to do anything but supply them with information. I will certainly come back in the future.
on 23, Apr 2020
I was intrigued just by the cover so I figured I'd give this book a try. I'm so glad I did. You won't want to put it down!! I like the old gangster, murder/mystery vibe. And theres 's 2 more after this, Magenta Dairy and War of Ghosts! You won't want to put those down once you started.
on 21, Sep 2018
This is just what i am looking for to promote my book😎🎄
on 05, May 2020
The promotion WritersPayItforward came up with is absolutely magnificent. The cost is also very reasonable. I am really pleased with this promotion and look forward to the results.
Latesha Kellam
on 13, May 2021
I'm looking forward to how Writers Pay It Forward will promote my novel. It would be impossible for me to do all of this myself. Thanks so much!
Dalia Dupris
on 28, Feb 2020
Very high quality product and a speedy service. Highly recommended.
Robert Eggleton
on 08, Dec 2019
I have looked at several of these websites and on balance I was struck with the ease of use and the apparent sincerity of this site. Initial impressions are that it is a well constructed website, with a likeable ethos
on 22, Feb 2020
I was very pleased with how fast and efficient this website was. I am proud to say they have done a wonderful job and will be recommending them to other authors as well.
April Nicole Marie
on 09, Feb 2022
Love this site
Susanna Evans
on 24, Dec 2018
excited about this website 🤩
on 08, Dec 2019
Well I have not used it yet, but I have visited other similar promotional sites and some are difficult to manage, others' too expensive, yet more want you to give away books. Which is something that I could do from my own website without paying a fee to do it ! So here goes initial impressions are favourable

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