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Free Book Promotion Service, a gateway for authors to shine in The New Writers and Authors Facebook Group with 36,000+ members. Eligible books must be in English.

Book promotion begins within 24-48hrs. of placing your order.

Free Book Promotion




Introducing our Free Book Promotion Service – a treat for every author

WritersPayItForward offers Free Book Promotions on The New Writers and Authors Facebook group with over 36,000+ members!
Eligible books must be written in English.

OPTION 1 – Get one free book promotion for each submitted book title.

OPTION 2 – Pay-It-Forward by liking and sharing fellow authors’ books on WritersPayItForward Facebook page. We will reciprocate by promoting your book in The New Writers and Authors Facebook group. Repeat this option for unlimited books.

  1. – Like & Share one post on WritersPayItForward Facebook page and you will receive two book promotions*
  2. – Like & Share two posts on WritersPayItForward Facebook page and you will receive four book promotions*
  3. – Like & Share three posts on WritersPayItForward Facebook page and you will receive six book promotions*
  4. – Like & Share four or more posts on WritersPayItForward Facebook page and you will receive eight book promotions*

*Book Promotion(s) will be made once per day. (e.g., Option 2(D.) promotes your book once per day for 8 days)

Pay It Forward is a beautiful concept where, instead of just accepting or repaying a kind gesture, the recipient chooses to spread kindness by doing something kind for someone else. It's all about the ripple effect of love and goodwill.

If you’re looking to supercharge the reach and impact of your book promotion, check out our ‘Easy Book Promotion‘ service. With this premium option, your book will receive even greater exposure.

To take advantage of our Free Book Promotion offer and include your book, simply fill out and submit the form above. Let’s work together to spread your message far and wide!


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  1. Avatar Of Prince


    I love this concept

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  2. Avatar Of Marisa


    This site offers a great opportunity for aspiring writers. Very promising so far.

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  3. Avatar Of Mary


    Really appreciate the boost!

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  4. Avatar Of Lawrence Hebb

    Lawrence Hebb

    I like the idea here. I really want to see the results though. Very good idea, affordable and hopefully makes a difference

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  5. Avatar Of Mcdennias Moyo

    McDennias Moyo

    This site will go a long way in promotion upcoming writers & this is a very noble initiative.

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  6. Avatar Of Alex Silva

    Alex Silva

    This is Really a good Website..

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  7. Avatar Of Jewel


    Love this site for promoting my books!!!

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  8. Avatar Of Twaha Sulyman Masanga



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  9. Avatar Of Guy Morris Books

    Guy Morris Books

    Marketing and promoting an indie published book can be daunting, intimidating and expensive. As an active writer, my time to read every book on my wish list competes with time needed to research, write, edit, publish and promote. With so many writers on Facebook, I LOVE your idea of allowing writers to help ‘boost’ their books to new audiences. Great idea at the right price! Pay it Forward is GREAT concept.

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  10. Avatar Of Elizabeth Caroline

    Elizabeth Caroline

    I like the site and the services they offer. It’s always great when you find people who are trying to help new authors get their work out there!

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  11. Avatar Of Shraddha


    this is a cool website.

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  12. Avatar Of Susanna Evans

    Susanna Evans

    I love the whole premise of this site. It’s wonderful to have a site where writers can share others’ works and find brand new reads as well. Paying it forward is a brilliant concept. Thank you so much!

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