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You deserve to be a known author. Your book deserves to be read by millions. SUCCESS is only up to you. Boost your book sales and exposure by professionally promoting your book on our site and all social media channels.

Book promotion begins within 24-48hrs. of placing your order.

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Promote Your Book – Easy Book Promotion




Easy Book Promotion Service: Elevate Your Reach, Engage Audiences, and Secure Lifetime Exposure

You deserve recognition as an author, and your book deserves to be read by millions. Your success is within reach. Amplify your book sales and visibility with our Easy Book Promotion Service. Submit your book to our site, and we’ll professionally promote it to thousands of members and followers. Our primary social media channels include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. With direct links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and other sales platforms, your book will undoubtedly thank you for it!

Your Benefits

Facebook Page Writerspayitforward

Ongoing Facebook Promotion

Share your book’s point-of-sale link across randomly chosen book-related Facebook Groups, each with a membership ranging from 6,000 to 35,000 members.
  • 50 postings (with 3 months promotion)
  • 100 postings (with 6 months promotion)
  • 200 postings (with 12 months promotion)

Gain access to a Google Sheets Report, allowing you to track all promotion activities in real time.

Now, every post will be distinct, featuring hashtags directly related to your book’s subject. This guarantees an expanded reach for your success!


Ongoing Twitter Promotion

Share your book across book-related Twitter communities and our Twitter profile, broadening your audience. Gain access to a comprehensive Google Sheets Report to track promotion activities as they happen. Each post is carefully crafted to resonate with your audience, ensuring it captures your book’s essence and attracts readers.

  • 50 postings (with 3 months promotion)
  • 100 postings (with 6 months promotion)
  • 200 postings (with 12 months promotion)
Social Media Channels

Multi-Platform Social Media Promotion

Once your book promotion is active, it will be shared across all our social media channels listed below.
Email Will Be Sent To Our Subscribers

Email Campaign to 5,000+ Subscribers

Details about your book will be sent via email to our extensive subscriber base of over 5,000 individuals.
Top Of Our Home Page

Featured in "Top 10 Featured Books"

Your book will be showcased in the “Top 10 Featured Books” section on our homepage.
Blog Post

Permanent Promotional Page

Gain a permanent page (lifetime placement) featuring a custom graphic banner, and your book details, including a book mockup image, point-of-sale links, author information, and links to your website and social media.
Professionally Seoed

SEO-Optimized Promotional Page

Benefit from a promotional page with professionally optimized content using SEO techniques, giving your book the best chance to achieve a high ranking on search engines.
5 Star Review System

5-Star Reviews Incorporated

Incorporate the 5-Star Review System, enhanced with schema markup, to ensure your book stands out prominently in Google searches. Readers can effortlessly share their book reviews directly on the page.

Free 3D Book Mockup

FREE 3D Book Mockup

Receive a complimentary 3D Book Mockup (PNG file with a transparent background), the original file employed in your personalized graphic banner (valued at $5).


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    Susanna Evans

    Love this site

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  2. Avatar Of Vernon J. Yarker

    Vernon J. Yarker

    I have used this company before, and their work is always to a high standard.

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  3. Avatar Of J.j


    This is a great service for writers. I’ve used them a couple of times with really good results.

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  4. Avatar Of Dalia Dupris

    Dalia Dupris

    I’m looking forward to how Writers Pay It Forward will promote my novel. It would be impossible for me to do all of this myself. Thanks so much!

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  5. Avatar Of Twaha Sulyman

    Twaha Sulyman

    Sounds great, this is what I have been looking for!

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    Mario Guerrier

    This website is ideal for authors looking to expose their works to potential readers and boost sells.

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    Not yet served

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  8. Avatar Of Ash


    This looks like an easy and affordable site to promote your book, looking forward for some great results.

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  9. Avatar Of Lester


    I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first but this actually turned into a great investment. I would certainly suggest it to any author. They get to work quickly and you don’t have to do anything but supply them with information. I will certainly come back in the future.

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  10. Avatar Of K


    Wow.. that promotion was very cool.. I love it..

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