30 Day Blogging Challenge

“I love blogging. By the end of this challenge you will too.” said Sarah Arrow when I agreed to answer to her… 30 Day Blogging Challenge.

Now… after 30 days… not only do I love blogging… but I am already addicted to blogging. It is not the first challenge I answered to, each one of them had something special to teach me.

3 Treasures I found in this Challenge

  1. Sarah’s challenge of course has something… for the first time, the challenger was there for us… 24/7. She read all, commented to all, advised all… I almost could not believe that someone cares so much about us… to become better bloggers… to love blogging, and she not only cares but finds time to spend with us.

    And… as I said… thanks to Sarah I am now addicted. I know… I know… addiction is not good for one’s health… but believe me… a blogging addiction is very good… for many aspects of one’s life.

  2. This challenge had something different also… at least I perceived it so. From the very first day, from the very first moment, I felt myself belonging to a family. I didn’t need time to adjust myself to the new environment, I was simply adopted by the community of bloggers who also accepted the challenge, and this made me feel happy and confident. Being confident, I wrote maybe like never before… because I let myself write freely without being worried that someone will judge my writing.

  3. Finally, this challenge had something even more: Kevin Arrow’s weekly badges. Because of those badges, even if I would want to quit the challenge… I simply couldn’t. Using this psychological hook, Kevin made me want to receive more and more graphic rewards.


So… bellow you will find my 30 day posts and of course, my earned badges that kept me very busy wanting to receive more.

Well… this is it… my last post for this challenge.


Well done, M.C.!!!

(My mom used to say, “Did your admirers disappear now that you are admiring yourself, M.C?”

… but… what can I do? I am soooo good! 🙂 )


Now, I am waiting for my last badge reward and the invitation to the Graduate Challengers Group. I bet there are more and more surprises there!


Maybe you want to access them too?

Believe me… it is not so complicated!

Come, join the challengers and feel yourself like you’re at home.

I will be there also. Who knows? Maybe I will go for a second round.

And you?

Try and you can only gain!!!

30 Day Blogging Challenge

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Day 01 – What is Happiness?


M.C. Simon is an author, blogger, project manager and researcher. She loves to study different subjects and different domains. This passion helped her succeed in her first year of becoming a blogger and a published author, starting from the ground level. [Learn More]

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  1. hahaha… Lee… I’ll tell this to my mom 🙂

  2. MC

    I loved your mom’s quote and made me laugh, thanks!

    (My mom used to say, “Did your admirers disappear now that you are admiring yourself, M.C?”

    … but… what can I do? I am soooo good! 🙂 )

    Your reply is classic too!

    <3 🙂

  3. Thank you so much, Sarah! For everything!
    My mom is full with quotes… you just gave me the idea to note them. Who knows? may be one day I will write an article. 🙂

  4. Well done, I love your mum’s quote btw 🙂

  5. For sure they are! 🙂
    Thanks a lot, Jacqui and… Congratulations to you, too!!!!

  6. Yay! Well done. Sarah and Kevin are fab aren’t they.

    I look forward to your future blogs – keep them coming. Jx

  7. Thank you so much, Steve! 🙂

  8. great post and have commented. Enjoyed reading your posts too, so thank you to you!

  9. Thank you so much, Kate!!! I can’t wait to learn more from you all, in the graduate group! 🙂

  10. What a great way to bring it all together!! Join us over on the graduate page!! It rocks!

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