Tired of Too Many Tasks? Meet The Time Doctor!

Tired of Too Many Tasks?


Mike "Digger" Gardner - The Time Doctor



  • Are you a procrastinator?
  • Is your schedule overloaded?
  • Do you find yourself in the position of not being able to handle all your daily tasks?
  • Are you unable to see the deadline for your biggest life goal?
  • Do you need to take control over your time?


If you are in any of these situations, I can truly understand you. Because… I was in all these five situations until several days ago. In an instant flash, I realized how easy everything could be if we open ourselves to the opportunities that life is giving us.

Below are the 5+ phases I have crossed; from being tired of the many overwhelming tasks, to being relaxed knowing I now have a target goal, clear tasks and a good plan to follow.


The Precursor Phase of my Time Awareness 🙂

The Struggle

I thought I was smart enough to figure it out myself. I am an engineer, a project manager and a good researcher. And, I have a life goal: to quit my job to become a writer. I even made a two year plan for this. But… inside me is a little monster who inhabits my body and brain. It is called procrastination and I have to admit… I am a serial procrastinator. Even if my life is on the line… that cute and sweet little monster lays there smiling at me. I was wondering… what should I do? WHAT SHOULD I DO?? I am not the type that would give up on their life plans. But… somehow my time was something that I couldn’t control anymore. My overwhelmed brain was suddenly filled with too many ideas for future projects.


First Phase of my Time Awareness 🙂

The Time Management Academy

The Time Management Academy

One day I met him! I met Mike “Digger” Gardner – The Time Doctor!

Mike is a professionally qualified and experienced Management, Leadership and Soft Skills Trainer, with extensive experience in all stages of the training cycle: identification of learning needs, design of training and preparation of supporting materials, delivery of training and evaluation of training programs, gained in modern and testing corporate environments both overseas and in the United Kingdom.

I was silently watching his activity after joining his Facebook group The Time Management Academy. I saw that there were some great advices he was sharing. Most of them seemed to refer to my situation. But… I still couldn’t manage my time very well. Something was way too slippery and I just couldn’t figure it out!

That was until one day when The Time Doctor asked a question in the group. I replied saying that I am still dealing with my procrastination habit and that I needed to dig deeper into the root of my problem. I thought this was it, I would not hear another word about it, but… the reply came almost instantly… “MC, do you want me to help you?”


Second Phase of my Time Awareness 🙂

Frozen in Time

Hmmm… frozen in time; I felt like this for a moment. My ego would never let me accept that there could be someone out in the world who can be better than me when it comes to organizational skills. But something in his words touched my heart. Mike “Digger” Gardner, seemed to care about me and my battle with time.

The frozen moment only lasted for a blink of an eye but… that blink lasted a life time. My brain, my ego, all of my being, started to work with lightning speed. In a flash… the frozen moment was broken…

Guess what? I accepted and… here I am… lighter, stronger, and ready to conquer the world. But let’s not anticipate. 🙂


Third Phase of my Time Awareness 🙂

Meeting The Time Doctor

I have to admit that I had emotions before our session. I didn’t know what to expect, but… for sure, my expectations were far from the reality. I thought the session would be a cold, professional one, during which I will feel uncomfortable most of the time. But guess what?

On my screen appeared a pair of warm eyes, accompanied by a smiling face, while Mike Gardner’s gentle voice said, “Hello, MC”. This totally relaxed my mind that was in an alerted state until then.


Fourth Phase of my Time Awareness 🙂

Talking with The Time Doctor

It took one hour for my stress to simply roll off my shoulders. You can say it was magic… or maybe a miracle perhaps (yes, magic and miracle are two different things 🙂 ). Well… no real magic or miracles took place.

Time management is nothing more than simply taking control in order to achieve. Whether this is over a long period of time or within the next hour is dependent on what you want.

If only the life of a small business owner and entrepreneur was that simple, however time management can be as easy or difficult as you want to make it.”

Those were Mike Gardner’s words and believe me; he knows how to make you understand that you can really take the control into your hands. The control of your time, the control of your life… everything is achievable. You only need someone who can help organize your thoughts and priorities.


Fifth Phase of my Time Awareness 🙂

After meeting The Time Doctor

One hour after we talked face to face, while still in a wondering state, an amazing thing happened. I realized that no matter how good you are in planning your time, it is always better to let someone who is detached from your problems, look inside you. The Time Doctor needed only a few minutes and several questions to understand where my problem was. After this, he drew out a plan for me… very conclusive… extremely well built… I almost couldn’t believe how easy everything seemed to be after talking with Mike Gardner.

Now I know what I have to do.


I now have a strong plan and my time will be well organized to reach my goal. The Time Doctor, Mike Gardner, made me understand why, how and what I have to do from now on.

I realized that no matter how experienced we may be in several domains of life, everything becomes easier if we accept the help of an expert who can analyze our situation from an objective point of view.

All that I needed was… The Time Doctor! Yes, it is exactly what I recommend for you also. Talk with The Time Doctor and you will never regret it.

Try it for yourself! You will be amazed what clarity will suddenly embrace your stressed brain.

If you don’t have anyone else in mind that can help you, I strongly recommend contacting Mike Gardner . You can find him here:



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  1. Thank You for your extremely kind comments MC, it was a pleasure to be able to help you during your free session, i’m so glad that you found it usefyul

  2. Thank you, Jane! I almost couldn’t believe how easy seemed the things to be, after my talk with the Time Doctor.

  3. Thanks a lot, Ivan! Your words are highly appreciated.

  4. Great article. I need the Time Doctor as well. Thank You

  5. like the blog, and article on time management . Keep it up!!

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