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That is Where… I Wait For You!

That is Where... I Wait For You!

That is Where… I Wait For You! Where waves mingle with waves.. Breaking into a musical unison… Upon the eternally dreaming rocky shore.. Into a misty wonder-shower.. Of fine sparkling pearls.. Endlessly enacting a fatal union.. Between their foaming youth.. And rocky reality of their harsh life..!

The Poet Laureate

The Poet Laureate

The Poet Laureate Your adoring eyes.. Seem to question.. Why don’t I spread.. My lyrics all over the world.. And be a world renowned poet?   Tell me, why should I care about.. The entire world outside.. When your hypnotic eyes.. Are my world now.. Having hijacked

Softly Whispering Eyes

Softly Whispering Eyes

Softly Whispering Eyes Your eyes… Like a pair of… Dreaming love-birds… Have startled my world… With a fountain of… Softly singing dreams!   As they rise to Dazzle the sun-kissed.. Beats of my heart.. My world salutes them with A golden surprise.. Of a nascent sun-rise!  

An Immortal Symphony

An Immortal Symphony Words of my lyrics Don the music of Your smiling lips Breathing the fire of Life Into new-born wings Of my nascent dreams And a bird-song escapes Cage of my heart.. Finding its sky Deep inside your eyes Struggling to weave its melodies Around

Waves of Music

Waves of Music With a few fleeting glances, You tickled the strings Of my heart into A night-long shiver!   Leaving my dreams, Eternally athirst Gazing wistfully at … The vanishing trail of Your elusive fragrance   If just for once.. one last time.. You let your