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That is Where… I Wait For You!

That is Where... I Wait For You!

That is Where… I Wait For You! Where waves mingle with waves.. Breaking into a musical unison… Upon the eternally dreaming rocky shore.. Into a misty wonder-shower.. Of fine sparkling pearls.. Endlessly enacting a fatal union.. Between their foaming youth.. And rocky reality of their harsh life..!

The Poet Laureate

The Poet Laureate

The Poet Laureate Your adoring eyes.. Seem to question.. Why don’t I spread.. My lyrics all over the world.. And be a world renowned poet?   Tell me, why should I care about.. The entire world outside.. When your hypnotic eyes.. Are my world now.. Having hijacked

Softly Whispering Eyes

Softly Whispering Eyes

Softly Whispering Eyes Your eyes… Like a pair of… Dreaming love-birds… Have startled my world… With a fountain of… Softly singing dreams!   As they rise to Dazzle the sun-kissed.. Beats of my heart.. My world salutes them with A golden surprise.. Of a nascent sun-rise!  

Music and Lyrics

Music and Lyrics My life sacrificed my heart, To the dancing poetry Of your musical limbs, At a breath-taking turn, Lapsed into a lush green dream!   Beats of my heart Burst into the songs, Of a burning passion, Dying to team-up their rhythm With the ensemble

When Life Meets Life

When Life Meets Life Stream of my life Was flowing along The shores of her destiny, As a wandering soul Joined along my foot-steps Weaving the music Of her fragrant breath Around the dreaming Petals of my thoughts   Her fingers smiled into The eyes of my

An Immortal Symphony

An Immortal Symphony Words of my lyrics Don the music of Your smiling lips Breathing the fire of Life Into new-born wings Of my nascent dreams And a bird-song escapes Cage of my heart.. Finding its sky Deep inside your eyes Struggling to weave its melodies Around

Waves of Music

Waves of Music With a few fleeting glances, You tickled the strings Of my heart into A night-long shiver!   Leaving my dreams, Eternally athirst Gazing wistfully at … The vanishing trail of Your elusive fragrance   If just for once.. one last time.. You let your