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Nature’s Poem

Nature's Poem

Nature’s Poem Blooming Petals.. Of your whispering youth.. Dare the poet inside me.. To capture the.. Lyrical essence.. Of their silent beauty.. In my faltering words!   Tell me, how can I.. Script the image of The ethereal elegance.. Of your young smile.. Choreographed by.. The drunken

Cry The Beloved Country

Cry The Beloved Country As Terrorist’s fire Savored the beauty of Taj, Hotel staff turned martyrs Saving the lives Of their precious guests As the finest brand of Indian hospitality triumphed Keeping the tri-color flying proudly, Whispering to the misty eyed nation,” “Cry The Beloved country!” When

A Gold lettered Tryst

A Gold lettered Tryst My evening was Utterly colorless, Gasping for the music Of your smile. Struggling to fathom, Reason behind our love, When the love bared Beauty of its meaning, Through a lone moon-lit tear Painting a trail of our Tender moments together Lending a damp