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When Life Meets Life

When Life Meets Life Stream of my life Was flowing along The shores of her destiny, As a wandering soul Joined along my foot-steps Weaving the music Of her fragrant breath Around the dreaming Petals of my thoughts   Her fingers smiled into The eyes of my

The Vanishing Glory

The Vanishing Glory

The Vanishing Glory Are you hidden, In the blushing lips of The half dreaming, Half smiling flowers…   As the source of Their fragrant murmur, Which melts my mornings Into a sudden wonder Of drizzling joy   Or are you dancing.. As a smiling ripple Across the

The Peacock Glory

The Peacock Glory Gasping for the Breath of your Sweet presence, My thoughts Toss and turn In the bed of my dreams!   Pain like a Monsoon peacock Dances all over My sleepless limbs As they toss and turn In the bed of my dreams!   Why

The Divine Developer

The Divine Developer The awe-struck moon, Is gazing in wonder At its look-alike, Melting in the Clouds of my arms!   Finger-tips of my breath, Are painting a riot Of Blushing smiles On the touch-screen Of her face!   After all isn’t Our life just… Another paint-brush

A Wandering Pain

A Wandering Pain A walking piece Of surreal music, You haunted lanes And by-lanes of Countless souls!   Like piece of a Floating dream Breath of our life Gasped for the Magic of your notes!   No wonder, death too Like a smitten fan, Carried you On

Why Not

Why Not “Why do you love me…?” Wondered the heart of my heart! A nameless pain Floating on my distant tear…, Glistened into the answer,   “Ask your smile Why it stole The breath of my life, Filling it with The whispering mystery Of your fragrance,  

Symphony of The Nightflower

Symphony of The Nightflower

Symphony of The Nightflower The “Night-flower” is oozing.. With a fountain of heady fragrance.. Ruling every breath of my night.. With music of her infectious zest! Eyes of my heart.. Stay glued to the doorway.. Breathlessly weaving dreams.. Throbbing with foot-steps of my beloved! Every beat of