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Question and Answer

Question and Answer

Question and Answer “How much do you.. Really love me?” Her tears asked My words perched upon My intimate letter Penned in blood-red ink.. Faintly fragrant, With pain of my heart!   “Can you measure Our end-less love?” My words smiled through Her whispering tears!   “How

The Divine Developer

The Divine Developer The awe-struck moon, Is gazing in wonder At its look-alike, Melting in the Clouds of my arms!   Finger-tips of my breath, Are painting a riot Of Blushing smiles On the touch-screen Of her face!   After all isn’t Our life just… Another paint-brush

Coming Back To Life

Coming Back To Life The sky is gazing At dark eyed clouds, Cynically smiling Behind star-lit tears! Why don’t you come back To my life once again, And tickle the shackles Of my silent cynicism Into a garden of giggles? Cup of my life, Is brimming With