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A Surreal Gaze

A Surreal Gaze A surreal roving gaze.. Played its charm along The garden of my heart, Like a master street-charmer Breaking it into A chorus of smiling colors!   Never knew when, The sleepless night Eloped with the Speechless smile Of the young dawn Leaving my lonely

The Peacock Glory

The Peacock Glory Gasping for the Breath of your Sweet presence, My thoughts Toss and turn In the bed of my dreams!   Pain like a Monsoon peacock Dances all over My sleepless limbs As they toss and turn In the bed of my dreams!   Why

Wherever You May Go

Wherever You May Go

Wherever You May Go My songs, Like fond arms Of cherished memories Hum around your Wandering sweetness Trotting around the world   My tunes turn into An eternally dancing flame In the temple of your heart!   Your thoughts, Like waves on the sea-shore Don my foaming

A Comedy of Colors

A Comedy of Colors

A Comedy of Colors Comedy of Colors Fate like A little child, Is pelting a Shower of riddles, To tease every moment Of my life!   Hoping to revel Secretly in my Impotent fear! But like a child Fallen in love With colors of her toys,  

Suspended Animation

Suspended Animation Notes of my life, Rose mid-air into… A riot of colors, As your eyes Waved a “Yes” At the struggling Lips of my Faltering question!   That moment Stands still in a… Suspended animation, Gazing at my life Floating endlessly on the Wings of destiny’s

Destiny’s Journey

Destiny’s Journey “I am but a Passing fragrance Floating on the Breeze of time” Hummed my life, “Born as a Flying spark Of creation, Exuding its Fountain of Fugitive colors, On the face of Every passing moment!” “I am but your Wedded companion And your every new