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Song and Dance

Song and Dance My eyes, like a Pair of bees Are humming their song To the rhythm of Your dancing gaze!   Their notes abuzz with, A restless question Like a vagabond tear Longing for your lips!   Even the time stands still Till the lips of

Thirsty River

Thirsty River

Thirsty River Gazing at the waves Of your shadows, Dancing on the Ocean of my life,   My poetry feels the angst Of a thirsty river, Born in the mountain-pass Of my distant dreams As a giggling rivulet   Growing on the way Into a streaming Fountain

The Drizzling Creations

The Drizzling Creations The mid monsoon sky Drizzles with a Sun-kissed mirth, Tapping to the rhythm Of blue eyed rain-drops! Come along my heart, Dance with my swaying dreams Clasping the fingers of mirth! Let the shadows of Our dreaming passions Scale the sky-kissing arc Of a