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Our Hatred of Helplessness

I was trapped as surely as those Russian dissidents I had recently learned about. The totalitarian government informed them that if they tried to escape not only would they be captured and killed, their families and loved ones would also be punished. If you loved your family, it was virtually impossible to wiggle free under those terms.

That is Where… I Wait For You!

That is Where... I Wait For You!

That is Where… I Wait For You! Where waves mingle with waves.. Breaking into a musical unison… Upon the eternally dreaming rocky shore.. Into a misty wonder-shower.. Of fine sparkling pearls.. Endlessly enacting a fatal union.. Between their foaming youth.. And rocky reality of their harsh life..!

A Valentine Date with Life

A Valentine Date with Life On a lyrically surreal evening, Of February the fourteenth, Life signed a love-tryst With strings of my heart, Playing a melody of dreams Upon the haunted canvass Of my brooding soul! For a scary moment, My heart missed a beat Fearing for

Waves of Music

Waves of Music With a few fleeting glances, You tickled the strings Of my heart into A night-long shiver!   Leaving my dreams, Eternally athirst Gazing wistfully at … The vanishing trail of Your elusive fragrance   If just for once.. one last time.. You let your

A Honeymoon to Die for

A Honeymoon to Die for A rainbow of dreams Floats merrily, Glistening on The river of my life   Night.. like a lonely moth, Hovers endlessly Around the surreal flame Of my dream-life   The first ray of dawn Wakes-up my dream Molten in the arms of