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Nature’s Poem

Nature's Poem

Nature’s Poem Blooming Petals.. Of your whispering youth.. Dare the poet inside me.. To capture the.. Lyrical essence.. Of their silent beauty.. In my faltering words!   Tell me, how can I.. Script the image of The ethereal elegance.. Of your young smile.. Choreographed by.. The drunken

A Work of Art… In Perpetual Progress

A Work of Art... In Perpetual Progress

A Work of Art… In Perpetual Progress A distant whistle.. From a mischievous Bird of morning.. Wakes-up the naked night.. From an un-finished dream!   As we two also… Are jolted half-way through… Our seemingly… Eternal dream-slumber… Fused in each other’s arms!   Dimly smiling moon. sports

Music and Lyrics

Music and Lyrics My life sacrificed my heart, To the dancing poetry Of your musical limbs, At a breath-taking turn, Lapsed into a lush green dream!   Beats of my heart Burst into the songs, Of a burning passion, Dying to team-up their rhythm With the ensemble

A Floating Dream

A Floating Dream Notes of love, were dancing On the lips Of sleepless stars..   The moon was floating Like a molten dream In the damp eyes Of a monsoon night!   Suddenly I was drunk With fragrance of a Dreaming rose Flirting with The misty eyed

A Honeymoon to Die for

A Honeymoon to Die for A rainbow of dreams Floats merrily, Glistening on The river of my life   Night.. like a lonely moth, Hovers endlessly Around the surreal flame Of my dream-life   The first ray of dawn Wakes-up my dream Molten in the arms of

A Wandering Pain

A Wandering Pain A walking piece Of surreal music, You haunted lanes And by-lanes of Countless souls!   Like piece of a Floating dream Breath of our life Gasped for the Magic of your notes!   No wonder, death too Like a smitten fan, Carried you On

Coming Back To Life

Coming Back To Life The sky is gazing At dark eyed clouds, Cynically smiling Behind star-lit tears! Why don’t you come back To my life once again, And tickle the shackles Of my silent cynicism Into a garden of giggles? Cup of my life, Is brimming With