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When Life Meets Life

When Life Meets Life Stream of my life Was flowing along The shores of her destiny, As a wandering soul Joined along my foot-steps Weaving the music Of her fragrant breath Around the dreaming Petals of my thoughts   Her fingers smiled into The eyes of my

Missing You

Missing You

Missing You “How can you miss me?” Asked her SMS!   “I am at the tip Of your finger, Floating along The worldwide web”   My fingers typed A wistful reply   “The illusive web of Your virtual shadows Fan the fire of Your absence even more…

Jailhouse Rock

Jailhouse Rock A boss’s chair And a designer beard Turned his morals Into darlings of desire!   Sight of a flaming beauty, Set his flesh on fire Burning his fingers While groping her honor!   Arm of the law, alas… Jailed his honor Castrating his ego, Disrobed