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When You Are Away

When You Are Away When you are away, My eyes wear The damp memory Of your smile, And my thoughts Weave their angst Around quenchless flame Of your world-filling absence! When you are away, The evening.. Like a lonely bride, Wanders aimlessly Around the source Of her

A Honeymoon to Die for

A Honeymoon to Die for A rainbow of dreams Floats merrily, Glistening on The river of my life   Night.. like a lonely moth, Hovers endlessly Around the surreal flame Of my dream-life   The first ray of dawn Wakes-up my dream Molten in the arms of

The Twin Flame

The Twin Flame

The Twin Flame Like a tireless flame Burning eternally With a dancing poise, In the sanctum sanctorum Of a holy temple,   Let my love cherish Its restless pain Dancing in the half dreaming, Half bleeding wound Of your thirsty heart,   Struggling to erupt Into the