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The Jewel Thief

The Jewel Thief My eyes fleet across Her face like shadows Of speechless travelers, Gazing at the glorious peace Streaming from Every pore of her smile   Asking her, “Can I if ever, my beloved,… Grasp the source Constantly giving birth To the bottomless hush Painting your

Thirsty River

Thirsty River

Thirsty River Gazing at the waves Of your shadows, Dancing on the Ocean of my life,   My poetry feels the angst Of a thirsty river, Born in the mountain-pass Of my distant dreams As a giggling rivulet   Growing on the way Into a streaming Fountain

Suspended Animation

Suspended Animation Notes of my life, Rose mid-air into… A riot of colors, As your eyes Waved a “Yes” At the struggling Lips of my Faltering question!   That moment Stands still in a… Suspended animation, Gazing at my life Floating endlessly on the Wings of destiny’s