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The Drizzling Creations

The Drizzling Creations The mid monsoon sky Drizzles with a Sun-kissed mirth, Tapping to the rhythm Of blue eyed rain-drops! Come along my heart, Dance with my swaying dreams Clasping the fingers of mirth! Let the shadows of Our dreaming passions Scale the sky-kissing arc Of a

A Wounded Dream

A Wounded Dream When we first met Your eyes played A game of darts Decking my heart With countless wounds In timeless shades! Stream of time since, Has washed those wounds Into flowers of memories Exuding a glowing fragrance Of golden moments Can we for once …cross

Symphony of The Nightflower

Symphony of The Nightflower

Symphony of The Nightflower The “Night-flower” is oozing.. With a fountain of heady fragrance.. Ruling every breath of my night.. With music of her infectious zest! Eyes of my heart.. Stay glued to the doorway.. Breathlessly weaving dreams.. Throbbing with foot-steps of my beloved! Every beat of