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Question and Answer

Question and Answer

Question and Answer “How much do you.. Really love me?” Her tears asked My words perched upon My intimate letter Penned in blood-red ink.. Faintly fragrant, With pain of my heart!   “Can you measure Our end-less love?” My words smiled through Her whispering tears!   “How

When You Are Away

When You Are Away When you are away, My eyes wear The damp memory Of your smile, And my thoughts Weave their angst Around quenchless flame Of your world-filling absence! When you are away, The evening.. Like a lonely bride, Wanders aimlessly Around the source Of her

The Drizzling Creations

The Drizzling Creations The mid monsoon sky Drizzles with a Sun-kissed mirth, Tapping to the rhythm Of blue eyed rain-drops! Come along my heart, Dance with my swaying dreams Clasping the fingers of mirth! Let the shadows of Our dreaming passions Scale the sky-kissing arc Of a