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That is Where… I Wait For You!

That is Where... I Wait For You!

That is Where… I Wait For You! Where waves mingle with waves.. Breaking into a musical unison… Upon the eternally dreaming rocky shore.. Into a misty wonder-shower.. Of fine sparkling pearls.. Endlessly enacting a fatal union.. Between their foaming youth.. And rocky reality of their harsh life..!

The Vanishing Glory

The Vanishing Glory

The Vanishing Glory Are you hidden, In the blushing lips of The half dreaming, Half smiling flowers…   As the source of Their fragrant murmur, Which melts my mornings Into a sudden wonder Of drizzling joy   Or are you dancing.. As a smiling ripple Across the

Fountain of Wow

Fountain of Wow Ever since your glances Like notes of a maestro Beckoned my youth, To put on the.. Dancing anklets   A softly singing fragrance Is wandering like An aimless pilgrim In the sanctum sanctorum Of my heart…   My life is brooding.. “Why”?!   When

A Floating Dream

A Floating Dream Notes of love, were dancing On the lips Of sleepless stars..   The moon was floating Like a molten dream In the damp eyes Of a monsoon night!   Suddenly I was drunk With fragrance of a Dreaming rose Flirting with The misty eyed

A Speechless Song

A Speechless Song

A Speechless Song The night is swaying, To the silent rhythm Of unspoken words Musing along Our whispering sighs!   Our eyes are glued Into a naked embrace, As endless moments Keep gazing the dance Of our dreaming thoughts, Breaking into a darkly sweet chorus, “When eyes

Midas touch

Midas touch

Midas touch YouTube promotion of my poem Midas touch You marvel at the.. Source of lyrical gems.. Painted by the breath of my soul.. … On the crystal clear canvass Of your golden smile!   Ask that magic smile.. Whose Midas touch it was.. Which sowed the

A Child’s Play

A Child's Play

A Child’s Play Like a true politician, The moon lights, A fugitive smile On the lips of each Doting cloud With her own Fleeting promise Of a bright future!   If only you are… A little less political Letting your naked smile Play like a dancing child