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When Archie Met Rosie

A Funny Tale Love Story

An Unexpected Love Story. Rosie Foster has two dreams. The first is to move off the Tradmore Estate, and the second is to see Paris. Archie wants for nothing. He has his five-bedroom house but no one to share it with now that his beloved wife, Cath, has died. And then … Holly has a disastrous night out and, against all the odds, Archie meets Rosie.

A Work of Art… In Perpetual Progress

A Work of Art... In Perpetual Progress

A Work of Art… In Perpetual Progress A distant whistle.. From a mischievous Bird of morning.. Wakes-up the naked night.. From an un-finished dream!   As we two also… Are jolted half-way through… Our seemingly… Eternal dream-slumber… Fused in each other’s arms!   Dimly smiling moon. sports