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Crowning Absence

Crowning Absence

Crowning Absence The air is thick.. With a musical riot.. Of dancing rain-drops!… The wet soil proudly sports.. Fragrant foot-prints.. Of a tell-tale court-ship.. Blooming into lush-green dreams! …No wonder.. My thoughts follow the cue.. And start courting lingering notes.. Of your lush green memories.. Aching with

An Utterly Drunken Dream

An Utterly Drunken Dream The air is drunk With a wet magic Of her own youth   The world is floating Along the music of The monsoon mist   We walk along With woven hearts Waving at the Flying rain-drops   Eyes of our love Dare the

A Wandering Pain

A Wandering Pain A walking piece Of surreal music, You haunted lanes And by-lanes of Countless souls!   Like piece of a Floating dream Breath of our life Gasped for the Magic of your notes!   No wonder, death too Like a smitten fan, Carried you On