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Singing in the Rain…

Singing in the Rain...

Singing in the Rain… My whispering tears.. Have made a tryst.. With drizzling dreams.. Of monsoon rain-drops.. To perch upon.. Over-flowing fragrance.. Of your silken tresses! And deck them with.. … Pearls of sparkling moments..!   As my tears mingle with.. Shades of a rainbow.. Flowing along

The Young Moments

The Young Moments

The Young Moments Decked like a new bride, The evening was flaunting, Foot-prints of a golden courtship, Left by the departing sun!   “Doesn’t this bring alive, The moments of gold Of our first evening…?”   Mused my love, Gazing at the sky,   “When your tears

Coming Back To Life

Coming Back To Life The sky is gazing At dark eyed clouds, Cynically smiling Behind star-lit tears! Why don’t you come back To my life once again, And tickle the shackles Of my silent cynicism Into a garden of giggles? Cup of my life, Is brimming With

Scent of a Woman

Scent of a Woman

Scent of a Woman Musing over Your eternal absence, My tear feels the pain Of a sun-kissed rain-drop Drunk with a Damp fragrance Of a wet soil! Can my thoughts Ever stop musing Over our haunting moments, When every moment Without you, leaves… A scent of your

The Illusion

The Illusion Evening, like a jilted lover Sobs fitfully at the Thirsty moments Gasping for your smile!   A lone tear muses over, Our moments together Ringing the air alive, With illusion of your smile!   “I am but a drop of illusion” Smiled the illusive tear,